A Dutch in the Window

A Dutch in the Window

The day started with its usual explosion of noise–dogs barked gleefully as they listened to kibble rattle into their bowls in the next room, cats meowed and paced at their doors, and the shelter staff bustled to and fro as they cleaned out kennels.

It was one of those beautiful Mississippi mornings, and Miriam, OCHS’s full time animal attendant, had opened up the laundry room window to let a breeze in. Little did she know, she’d be getting a whole lot more than a breeze.

She was loading dirty laundry into the washer with her back to the window, when she heard a noise. She spun around, and realized a giant black dog was watching her!

Somehow, Dutch–a two year old lab mix–had managed to climb over a fence, and onto the air conditioning unit–and he was hanging in the window! Dutch was pretty happy to watch her go about her business, but Miriam hurried outside to get him back into his proper place.

Since then, we’ve all been charmed by his happy-go-lucky personality. He’s even our cat tester–when we need to know whether a cat is good with dogs, we’ll bring him into the cat room. He’s happy to give them a big sniff!

If you need a window watcher in your home, come on into the shelter to meet Dutch. He’d be thrilled to gaze at you as you do the laundry, or the dishes, and probably even the vacuuming (although vacuums are kinda scary).


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