Lights, Camera, Action!

Shelter work isn’t usually glamorous. It sometimes means dragging yourself out of bed at odd hours to check on sick animals, picking up a puppy only to find he has poopy paws–which are now all over your shirt–and coming home smelling like some strange mix of catfood and wet dog.

But every once in awhile, we get our moment in the spotlight.

This morning at the crack of dawn–so early that even my dog didn’t bother to get up with me–General Manager, Christy, and myself–Sarah the Outreach Coordinator–bundled up two of our adoptable pets and drove them over to Columbus to have them featured on WCBI TV, in the hopes that their forever families would spot them on air.

Photo with Steve and weatherman Alex Puckett. Sarah in red, is holding Rocky, and Christy, in blue, is holding Clayton.

We had decided to bring Rocky–a ten week old terrier mix, and Clayton–a sweet, mellow two-year old cat. Clayton was mostly just happy to get some attention, but Rocky couldn’t wait for his moment in the spotlight.

As soon as we opened the doors to the studio, he let out a couple of high pitched yaps, which were immediately broadcast all over Northern Mississippi–because News Anchor Steve Schill was on air!

Selfie with Steve!

Thankfully Steve was able to turn it into a joke–and use it as a moment to introduce the next interview. We kept Rocky occupied with treats, so by the time it was our turn, he was calm and camera ready.

Clayton found his TV persona very quickly once we were in front of the camera–he tried to climb onto Steve’s lap to say hello before giving Rocky a good sniff. By the end of the interview, Rocky and Clayton both had a taste for fame.

In fact, Rocky would like to star in movies, and Clayton–who was inspired by weatherman Alex Puckett, thinks he might like to be a weathercat. We’re not sure that’s possible, but we try to never squash the dreams of our shelter animals.

As for Christy and I, we happen to love both sides of shelter life–the grimy and the glamorous. Puppy poop, early mornings, and spotlights are all just small steps toward making a difference in the lives of Mississippi pets.

Check out the clip of our interview here.