Muttinspiration Monday: Life With Mutts

Here at OCHS, we have a deep and unabiding appreciation for mutts. We know that mutts–and rescue mutts in particular–can do anything purebreds can do, that their loyalty, bravery, and appreciation is unwavering, and that they make absolutely awesome pets. But not everyone realizes that, so we’ve started a weekly series that will feature awesome rescue dogs from around the country!

All photography by @lifewithmutts

Featured today are Ringo, Boomer, Roxie and Helo–four awesome mutts from North Carolina.

All four dogs are rescues. Boomer, a five year old hound mix, kicked off the pack in 2011. She had been bred by a backyard breeder who’d had an accidental litter, and was planning on bringing the puppies into the shelter. She’s made huge strides since her humble beginnings–she loves everyone and everything, and absolutely loves the adventurous lifestyle she leads alongside her family.

Next came Helo, a ten year old Labrador-border collie mix. He’s mellow and embodies the old-man persona well. His humans found him at an adoption event at a local pet store, and quickly fell in love with his sweet personality. They also knew that black dogs tend to have more trouble getting adopted, and wanted to play their part in giving him an awesome forever home. After a rough start–including Helo running away five times in two days–he realized he was home to stay and never looked back.

Ringo, a five year old heeler mix, was a foster fail. His humans had agreed to foster him for a local rescue, but after seeing how well he got along with Boomer, they realized that he was there to stay. Ringo was very shy at first–he was scared of men, including his new dad–but with lots of training and the help of a trainer, now he’s thriving. Ringo is an awesome example of how sometimes it takes a little bit of extra time and extra love before a pup fits into a family well, but that it’s always worth it.

Last, but certainly not least, is nine-month-old miniature pinscher Roxie! This little pup was a “whoops.” Her family had planned to stick to three dogs, but when they agreed to foster her short term, and little Roxie buried her face in her mom’s neck, there was no way she was ever leaving. She keeps up with the bigger dogs without batting an eyelash.

In their spare time, these adventurous pups like to hike, camp, canoe, and even stand-up paddle board! Scroll down to see photos of their adventures, and check out their blog, Life With Mutts, which has tips for getting active with your dogs, product and park reviews, and fun tidbits from the daily life of the pack. You can also follow their explorations on Instagram, @LifeWithMutts.

Tune in next Monday for more on awesome mutts!